Tearle Ashby “Simpatico” Promo Vid

Greetings, all!

Just a little client update for you! Mr Tearle Ashby has just published a segment of the previously-mentioned promotional video which was filmed back in October. Special thanks to Cooper Nelson of WRGB news for manning the cameras and directing the segment! The video also features illustrious guitarist Carm Grasso and myself and discusses some of the process behind the concepts for the album, some of the recording/mix process and the logistics of putting it all together. Further more, as of this week, “I’m Not The One” from said record has been garnering airplay in regular rotation on local independent radio station, WEXT, Exit 97.7. Thanks to those folks for picking it up! Lastly you can see the promotional video just below and grab your copy on iTunesAmazon Music, and/or preview the entire record streaming on Sound Cloud!

‘Til next time!

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