New Site and Updates!

Greetings, friends/colleagues!

I’m finally getting things in order with a brand new website design, this new blog and few other aspects of my internet presence put together.

First and foremost, I recently completed mixing duties for Tearle Ashby (Ballston Lake, NY) for whom a promotional video was recently shot and is now being edited, with the hopes of using it as a fundraiser to allow him to get a couple runs of nicely-packaged CD’s printed. Keep an eye on his website for updates pertaining to a forthcoming album release, etc. If you’re into 70s/80s prog rock, you’ll definitely take a liking to a majority of the material on the record! It was also mastered by none other than Andy VanDette whose resume boasts the biggest names in the modern music biz!

Secondly, I’ve just begun mix duties of a local (Albany, NY) band called Tribal Soul. Be sure to check in with them on their FaceBook page as well; it’s pretty ass-kicking metal with some nice groove to it (FFDP fans in particular should dig it!).


Lastly, I’ve just signed on to engineer/mix 6 new songs for Pastor Scott Lumley’s next record. More on that as the initial tracking dates approach!

I am also, in the mean time, putting together further production tutorials and other video content for my Danymal Sound YouTube Channel channel!

Please feel free to join the conversation and I’ll catch you next time!


Danny “Danymal” Lee
Danymal Sound

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