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Creating a timeline selection Marker in Avid ProTools

Greetings, Ladies & Germs! In the follow video, I take you through the step-by-step process of using Markers to create a permanent timeline selection as a key-stone for all your mix prints. As you’ll see, this is a… Read More

Drum Session for Scott Lumley’s “Psalm Songs” Record

This past Tuesday, April 12th, I had the pleasure of tracking drums and some bass with drummer, Kevin Hall and bassist Chris DeMarco, for Pastor Scott Lumley’s forthcoming record entitled “Psalm Songs,” at their Calvary Capital District church. Due to… Read More

Using a Distortion On Your Acoustic Guitar DI!

Greetings, folks! Have you ever recorded an acoustic soloist (guitar/vocal) with multiple mics and a DI (direct input) and wanted to get a little more sonic mileage out of the material? Give this a shot: If you liked… Read More