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Hey guys & dolls!

For those of you who are as yet unfamiliar with Kingscastle, they are a super-unique indie rock band based out of upstate NY, with members in NJ and AZ, as well. I first had the privilege to work with them on their prior record, entitled “Seven Levels.” This was back in 2007, or so.

Fast-forward a decade, and I found myself digging through archived sessions in my studio hard drives, and I happened upon a little tune called “Covered Coffins.” I open the session and just start messing around with sounds and looking back with nostalgia at this ancient workflow of mine. Before long, I had a fresh mix that I thought sounded pretty cool and a bit more “relevant” for modern production, if you will. So, I randomly contact frontman, Michael Thornton on Facebook and send him the mix. Lo and behold, he digs it and explains that my timing couldn’t be more coincidental, as he and co-founder/guitarist, Zack Malecki have been toying around with finishing up older, albeit incomplete material and were looking to put together another record!

Needless to say, this was pretty cool to hear. Mike then subsequently invited me to partake in mixing several of the new songs. Also, I need to give a special shout-out to engineer/mastering engineer, Joshua “Mirk” Mirsky for his work on this record. He and Mike Thornton are also in a local (upstate NY) band called Mirk that you should absolutely check out!

Lastly, if any studio nerds out there are wondering what gear went into the mixing side of this production, I used a healthy combination of Waves, UAD and Slate Digital, for the most part. All with Avid ProTools 12.4 on a 2012 MacBook Pro running OS Yosemite (I promise to upgrade after I’m done with the next record!)

The songs I mixed are:

  1. New Colossus
    2. Covered Coffins (2018 Remix)
    3. Shadows From The Fire
    4. Hostage Situation
    5. Finding You
    7. Every Little Thing
    9 . Different Rivers

Please visit the link below to check out the full album and I hope you enjoy!

“For Those Lost At Sea” – Kingscastle

Until next time!


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