SongLynx, Inc. Is Online!


It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to share my friend, Bill Hall’s newest music education endeavor, known as SongLynx, Inc. It’s been a long time coming for him and co-founder, Bill Mason (software engineer).

Co-Founders: Bill Mason (software engineer), Bill Hall (CEO)

The website (subscription-based) is built around the simple concept of video chat, but simultaneously employing multi-camera and interactive software technology! Most of us have already seen some semblance of multi-camera video chat; even to the degree of the viewer being able to pick which camera feed to monitor. The difference HERE, is the interactive aspect. Having been among the alpha testers of the software, I can vouch that the idea is simply brilliant; it employs on-screen notation staves upon which the users can, in real-time, write and share notation using either their mouse (touch pad, touch screen) or whatever pointer device they prefer, to enter the notation onto the staff and have it appear on the other user’s screen. If an example needs to be saved as a file, the software allows for export (think homework!). Oh, and this is all in addition to a live audio feed from a mic and/or instrument input device on both party’s computers!

The site also contains an introductory video that I’ve included below:

Additionally, like any other company, they are on Facebook. So, feel free to check out their page, give them a like and join the conversation on the world of online music instruction and what it might mean for students and teachers, alike!

‘Til next time!

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