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Using Avid Elastic Audio to Edit Acoustic Guitars

Hey folks! In this video tutorial, I take you through a basic overview of editing, and more specifically, time adjusting an acoustic guitar performance via Avid Pro Tools “elastic audio” feature. This feature can be run real-time or rendered/processed offline… Read More

Tearle Ashby “Simpatico” Promo Vid

Greetings, all! Just a little client update for you! Mr Tearle Ashby has just published a segment of the previously-mentioned promotional video which was filmed back in October. Special thanks to Cooper Nelson of WRGB news for manning the cameras… Read More

Pre-Order “Simpatico” by Tearle Ashby

Greetings, folks! Just wanted to drop a quick line on here to help announce availability of my client, Tearle Ashby‘s new record Simpatico, which I had the honour of mixing this past winter/spring, 2015! Some of the basic tracks (mostly… Read More

Pastor Scott Lumley – Solo Acoustic

Happy Friday, folks! I’m pleased to share with you, the first live-performance video I’ve made to showcase the upcoming (tentatively titled) “Psalm Songs” record I’m engineering and mixing for Pastor Scott Lumley of the Calvary Capital District. I’m… Read More

Calvary Capital District & Working Pictures, Inc.

Greetings! This week is a little off-the-wall for me, as I’ve just begun tracking for Pastor Scott Lumley’s (Calvary Capital District) latest studio effort, tentatively titled “Psalm Songs.” Vocals and guitars are dubbed and some video footage with mixes… Read More

New Site and Updates!

Greetings, friends/colleagues! I’m finally getting things in order with a brand new website design, this new blog and few other aspects of my internet presence put together. First and foremost, I recently completed mixing duties for Tearle Ashby (Ballston Lake,… Read More

Welcome To My Blog!

This blog is in the works. Thanks for stopping by, please come back and hope that there are interesting things posted.